how to be a person of value w/ Jim Rohn


What exactly is value? Value is anything that brings a positive transformation to someone’s life, big or small.

I had a hard time networking. I’m what most people call an ambivert (a person whose personality has a balance of extrovert and introvert features). I’m comfortable in social settings, but more comfortable when I’m alone, being creative. So I had to find a way to start attracting individuals using my creativity, rather than my business card. Giving value allows you to use creativity and become magnetic. When you’re magnetic you don’t have to chase people or opportunities, they chase you.

Being magnetic means you are a giver. The most successful entrepreneurs I know are the people who give constantly. Givers are confident in their hustle and don’t mind helping someone else become successful. Givers receive, they don’t take.

Takers are insecure. Takers believe they can’t help someone else because that would give that person an edge on them. Takers pretend to be givers until they get what they want. Takers don’t understand that there is enough for everyone to eat. One man’s success doesn’t limit others. Don’t be a taker.

The above text is an excerpt from my book “Don’t Dumb Down Your Greatness”

Music by LAKEY Inspired & William Frasier

Clips used in this audio are from motivational speaker Jim Rohn