inspired attention w/ Jay Z


I talk about the spiritual side of entrepreneurship with my friends, but never thought I would bring it up to the public eye. There is a shift going on in the world, and people are more conscious and waking up to their true selves. You don’t have to be in a 24/7 “hustle” state of mind to achieve success. You can sleep 7 hours, and still make 7 figures. It’s possible!

Our thoughts are the number one factor in our road to success. Most people will argue it’s your effort, but ignore the fact that your thoughts CONTROL your efforts. Controlling and directing your attention is the most important factor in your success not only in business, but your life. I’m learning more and more everyday how to weather the storm of my thought process.

In this week episode I talk about what “intention” means from my point of view, and how we can stop blocking our blessings by letting go of thirsty energy.

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Music by LAKEY Inspired

Mentioned Travis Weekes