less cliques, more masterminds w/ Robert Smith


Yeah, I said it. Your crew is probably wack. All jokes aside, today I wanted to talk about masterminds. I first read about the concept of a mastermind in Napoleon Hill’s book “Think and Grow Rich.” It’s pretty simple, a group of people, preferably from different backgrounds share their best practices with each other. They show support for each other, and most of all keep everyone in the group accountable.

I got inspired to talk about this, because a large majority of my success is because I participate and have participated in masterminds. Apparently that’s how the richest black billionaire in America makes his investment firm so valuable. He makes sure multiple times a year the companies in his portfolio attends private masterminds for sales, management, etc. Can you imagine the kind of culture of winning that creates? It must be working because he’s wealthy enough to pay off the student loans of every Morehouse 2019 graduate (I’m sure you heard the news).

Now you get to use that same tool for yourself. If you’re not already part of a mastermind I challenge you to start one. I already know what your’e thinking, don’t hit reply and ask to start one with me. The challenge is to build it yourself with your own group of people you recruit. Here is how you will run each meeting of your mastermind, whether it’s weekly or monthly:

Have fun!

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Music by LAKEY Inspired & William Frasier

Clips used in this audio are from Robert Smith