stop trying to do everything at once, do this instead


Do you suffer from multitasking? Multitasking is the silent revenue killer that no one talks about. Why? Because some people who multitask are doing all the right things, they are just doing them all at once. So it’s hard to convince them they are bugging out. Once you keep ending the week with multiple “in progress” or “incomplete” or empty bank accounts, then you’ll wise up. No system. No process. No team. Most importantly, NO PATIENCE.

One of the goal systems I talk about to defeat multitasking is OKR’s. Having one OKR, and only being focused on that will be key for your organization, especially if it’s small like mines. One thing I didn’t mention in the episode is the Pomodoro Technique. You can find Pomodoro clocks for free all over the internet that clocks your work time, and alerts you take a break every 15 minutes.

Hope you enjoy today’s thoughts, feel free to send me some of your tactics to stay focused, and I’ll share them with everyone next week.

Here’s a link to the OKR book I mentioned.

Happy Fathers Day!


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